Dana DeKalb at Sue Greenwood Fine Art:

“…The fact that her images appear quaintly archaic, but are psychologically attuned to the present moment is a signal achievement. The illustrational naturalism attached to the human figures and pictorial space is always clear and rhythmically measured like a drumbeat…” …Read More…

Bill Lasarow, Visual Art Source, September, 2010

Mazes of Meaning:
“San Francisco artist Dana DeKalb traces the inspiration for her latest series to Mexican retablo painting. Similar to the intimate form of folk art, her open-ended narrative pieces are metaphors with multiple layers of meaning…” …Read More…

Michelle Bogwart, American Art Collector, October, 2010

Dana DeKalb: Expect the Unexpected:
“Dana DeKalb’s paintings tell mysteriously compelling stories of humans and animals in unusual situations that raise more questions than they answer. Enveloped in an antique light of layered glazes, her oddly recognizable characters appear engaged in inscrutable actions and interchanges that create a dream-like state of wonder…”

Nicholas Messing,;; Provincetown Magazine, June, 2007

Impossible Dreams: Dana DeKalb Creates Imaginary Universes Inside Her San Francisco Studio:
“…An examination of DeKalb’s recent nearly sold-out show at Heather Marx Gallery in San Francisco offers insight into the artist’s psyche. As the show’s title, Social Studies, suggests, the artist often plays the role of a sociologist in many of her paintings, creating imaginary worlds in which people, places, and things share a resemblance to the real world…” …Read More…

Bonnie Ganglehoff, Southwest Art, February, 2004

Mysterious Jewels: Dana DeKalb at Heather Marx Gallery:
“Close observation of Dana DeKalb’s show at the Heather Marx Gallery reveals mysterious jewels of paintings. The mystery encompasses paintings of people in action, portraits, and still lifes. Exactingly painted, the art is beautiful and evocative of dreams…” …Read More…

Carol L. Weinfield,, January, 2002

Heart Throb:
“…Laughter is one of her glazes. It runs wickedly around with the other colors. She has broken down the grammar of myth, enwrapped the chemical formula of fable with pigment, and used it to evoke the central mystery of life. Over and over, she paints with unreal colors the blight in the air before a lightning storm. Everything is still then, except for our breathing, and our hearts slowly registering the tricky essence of existence. We realize only that something elemental is going on, but investigating the mystery only leads us back to this moment of grace…” …Read More…

Theresa Whitehill, Heather Marx Gallery exhibition essay, November, 2001